US Establishment and International Expansion

Set out below is an index for my blogs on US establishment and international expansion:

International Expansion

Why startups and scale-ups fail internationally — top three reasons:

Scaling up internationally — 12 key considerations:

Cross-Border Expansion — Six Ways to Avoid Disaster:

Angel Investors and Advisory Board Members — Int’l Expansion:

Preparing for US or Other International Expansion:

Five surprises for US startups coming to Europe:

Why US Scale-ups Fail in Europe:

Why US startups should come to the UK:

From startup to scale-up: key challenges:

Can we really afford to lose immigrant talent:

US Establishment, Expansion and Development

US Corporate and Tax — Structuring and Governance

Setting up your Delaware corporation — traps for unwary founders:

Should your Non-US startup flip to Delaware: the Latest Word:

To Flip or Not to Flip? Further Reflections on the “Delaware Flip”:

Protect Your Limited Liability!:

Avoiding the US Sales Tax Trap:

Tax Compliance — Top Ten Challenges…After US Expansion:

Stripe Atlas: Learning to Drive the US Ferrari:

Shareholders Liable for Unpaid Compensation in New York:

US Employee and Contractor Matters

Wrong Recruitment Questions Can Get You into Big Trouble:

Ensure Your US Employees are Entitled to Work …E-Verify …:

Six Common US Recruitment Mistakes of Non-US Companies:

How to Manage Out Non-Performing US Employees:

US Employee Non-Competes — Not So Simple Anymore:

The Mechanics — Hiring Your First US Employees:

Beware — Are Your US Contractors Really Contractors?:

Finding & Managing People–Top Ten Challenges …:

How to Make Your UK Equity Plans Work in the US:

Trump Kills Entrepreneur Visa — UK/Euro Founders Shouldn’t Worry:

US Financing

Early Stage Funding–What UK Founders Should Expect in US:

Pitching to US VC’s:

Securing Investment–Top Ten Challenges…After US Expansion:

Choosing a US VC:

When Should a European Startup Seek US VC?:

US Regulatory

How to Cope with US Regulation and Tax:

Regulatory Innovation in Fintech — Can the US Catch Up?:

US Commercial, IP and Litigation

Six Steps to Protect Your US Brand:

Selling to US Corporates — A Guide to the Perplexed:

Litigation Risk — Top Ten Challenges … After US Expansion:

Contracting & IP — Top Ten Challenges … After US Expansion:

US — General

The Trump Factor — “Should I Come or Should I Go”:

Top Ten Tips — Getting Ready for the US:

Yes, really! Governments Can Help You Expand to the US:

Expanding to the US — Where Should We Go?:

US Expansion — Setting Up the Right Way:

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Mentoring tech startups on corp-startup collaboration, US establishment/internationalization and funding. All views are my own.

Mentoring tech startups on corp-startup collaboration, US establishment/internationalization and funding. All views are my own.