• Geoff Hudson-Searle

    Geoff Hudson-Searle

    Expert business specialist, NED and author of Meaningful Conversations and Freedom after the Sharks http://meaningfulconversationsbook.com

  • Ravi Ram

    Ravi Ram

  • Magnus Svantegård

    Magnus Svantegård

    Friend. Father. Husband. Product Manager at http://www.datscha.com (SaaS in commercial real estate), Ironman & 'Ö till Ö' finisher. Lecturer at Cambridge Uni.

  • Nedkov Brandvertisor.com

    Nedkov Brandvertisor.com

    http://Brandvertisor.com - Transparency Advertising Lab >>> Connecting Brands Advertisers with Publishers by Matching Filters.

  • Alan Clayton

    Alan Clayton

    Roaming Mentor @ SOSV - Chinaccelerator, HAX, IndieBio, FoodX

  • Benjamin Radermacher

    Benjamin Radermacher

  • Zvika Schechter

    Zvika Schechter

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